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Sound Quality

My gear: Paul Reed Smith CE22 maple top , Patrick Eggle Berlin Pro , Digitech 2101 (upgrade Artist 3.00), Soldano SP77, Peavey 50/50, Marshall 1912 (2), Dunlop Wah I need different sounds in a flick of a switch. I play modern rock. Ease of use: 7 When using standard presets it gets a 10. Creating your own algorithms (effect routings) i'll give a 7. If you have no experience programming presets it is very difficult, but that's a general problem. Suggestion: when you create your own algorithms, draw it on paper, that's half the work. (The digitech 2112 has visualised routings !) The clean presets are useable if you adapt them. The gain presets sounds like chicken shit. The noisegate isn't subtile when closing (although closed is closed). The chorus starts sometimes over again with a click. The delay doesn't end now and then (how did i do that) In general the factory presets are too spacy. You have to 'dry' it. The pre-amp section is too weak. The digital section is absolutely not dynamic. It colors the sound very, very much. For example: when i link my Soldano SP77 to the return inputs of the 2101 (the digital section) it doesn't sound like a Soldano !?. Same story for a Rocktron Piranha, Marshall jmp-1, ADA mp-1, MesaBoogie V-twin. The ultimate test: the sound of a preamp through the digital FX on bypass must be the same sound without any FX. Only Rocktron FX (Intellifex/Repliflex) does that !!! (I don't know about the TC-Electronics G-Force and the Lexicon MPX). Positive: good GEQ, PEQ, delays, reverbs It took me one year to create an algorithm that makes my 2101 sounds tight, warm and heavy at the same time. I really tried every possible routing and combination of effects. The results ?. If Digitech Corp. hear my presets/algorithms they will absolutely buy them(React please) The difference between the standard and my own presets are like day and night or heaven and hell (i have to preach a little bit, i'm a reli-rocker, sorry ...)


I bought the 2101 new in 1994. The problems till so far: - processor crashed 5 times. All my presets where lost !!! It feels like loosing your identity. (that's the reason i make system exclusive dumps(SYX) on my PC) - dark display - datawheel jumps to different presets (maybe the evil forces?) - pedal on the footcontroller didn't react properly. The wiring was not adequate attached. - output volumes (left/right) not the same level When i wanted to trade my 2101 the music shop didn't want a Digitech because of the problems with Digitechs in general. They even won't sell them new !!!

General Comments

In 1994 the 2101 was the best all-in-one box (in buying it). Now the new 2112 is. Tomorrow the 2120 is. I'd better buyed a Marhall JMP-1/Rocktron Intellifex/Boss FC that time I recommend everyone to buy a single full-tube preamp and a single FX- unit. It will cost a little more, but you get a honest, dynamic sound that will not get boring in the long run. Single units are more flexible when trading or changing sound. It has also stable occasion prices. I hate that Digitech comes so fast with new products (2101,2101 artist,2101 dual, 2112, 2112 artist, 2120)

I won't defenitely buy a Digitech again ...

please feel free to react and mail me :-)

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