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Sound Quality

I usually run either my Gibson Les Paul Goldtop or my Ibanez Iceman and both sound excellent. I also run a pedalboard(yes, old school pedalboard as I hate digital racks)which includes Noise Gate, Digital Delay, Stereo Chorus, Stereo Phaser, Equalizer and Cry Baby. This combined with the natural sound of the Distortion built in and the killer Reverb provides probably the best sound that I have ever come across in my 25 years of playing. I've found that you can pretty much cover every sound from 1968 Zeppelin to any Rush or Iron Maiden to anything that is on the recent Warped Tour if you are a good enough player. More often than not, if someone says this amp sucks, it's probably the player and not the amp.


This is the only amp that I've used since I bought it. I've never needed a backup and I've gigged solidly with it for over 15 years. Just recently in 2008 I have finally got to the point where I need to do repairs. The jacks need to be replaced and the pots should be too, other than that, this is very durable so long as you don't beat the crap out of your equipment.


General Comments

If anything ever happened to this amp, I'd probably try to find another one if possible. I have no desire to play through a Marshall or any other kind of amp after using this one because there is no comparison. It's my opinion, but this is the best amp I've ever used and if used properly will help find the sound that you have probably always been looking for. It did for me. I personally use a pedalboard as stated above, however it sounds fine just plugging straight in. I would not recommend using it for a beginner however.

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