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Sound Quality

I have and Ibanez RoadStar 440 with a Crate G60 and a couple of pedals. In general, the quality is excellent. Very clean sounds (except in the wah and auto wah they have a little noise), the noise gate are excellent and it can be combined with a compressor (I use it for clean sounds). I love the pitch shifting and detune settings. The reverb are excellent, but they do not include reverse reverb. It has multiple and mono delays of up to 500 ms (I prefer more flexibility on this) and the maximum delay amplification is 50% of the initial signal (I prefer more on both). The flanger is very similar to individual pedals (I compare it with an Arior Stereo Flanger SFL-1, which I consider and excellent pedal). It has four basic distortions (with the amp simulator they are 8), including Internal Tube, Grunge, Fuzz and Fuzz Internal Tube. They are very clean. It also have a chromatic tuner which works excellently.


The box is all made of plastic, but it is perfect. Very stable on the floor. The electronics are excellent. I had a problem with the damper of the pedals (they are four), because they were not glued perfectly from it manufacture, but I open the chasis and installed some pieces of plastic and now they are very sensitive to the touch and reliable.

General Comments

This is an excellent equipment, I bought it from Musician's Friend and I would buy it again in a millisecond. The only two weak aspect that I can see are the delay and distortions. The distortions are very good, but I just want to have the capability to add an overdrive for solos. This can be overcome by making two programs with different master volumes and different distortions. The delay problem I guess it is better to buy a different pedal. Actually I am considering a ZOOM 508.

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