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Sound Quality

this is a weird review. I stopped buying pedals like this when I was about 16. I've owned all sorts of crap that every 14 year old metal head wanted when he first started playing guitar. I'm in my early twenties now and my rig has undergone uncountable changes. Anyway, the other day me and the other guitarist in the band www.randomactsofviolence.net are in our practice space and we're without one of our amps. So he grabs the only available head in the space.. an old ass Marshall super lead 100W MK II. The only distortion pedal around is our bassist's old DOD Metal X. "damn this is going to sound like shit" we thought. So he plugs into his rig and tweaks a little bit. It started to sound pretty damn good after a few minutes. So good in fact that I tried out the pedal and head with my rig. So it was a Les Paul custom with a Trembucker into the Metal X, into the Marshall super lead, into a VHT 4x12 into a Bogner 4x12. Good god. It blew away anything I've heard in terms of volume. The tone itself if a little dirty but perfect for thrash. It sounds great really. It's embarassing to admit this rig but dammit I don't care about the means, it's all about the sound. The lead tone needs a little work but if you're looking for some serious thrash tone, go for this. No joke.


The pedal I used looked as though it had been set on fire and put out with horse piss. worked fine.

General Comments

awesome in this setup. Just the right amount of beer at the right time I guess.

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