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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

Used with an Ibanez S-470 guitar and running thru a mesa 20/20 power amp and marshall 1922 2x12 cab. It really is your basic marshall tube amp sound so if you are a big marshall fan and like the idea of a rack setup this is a great unit. The clean 2 channel is crystal clear and bright...and the OD 2 channel delivers nice tight gain for metal sounds...tons of distortion!!! For people who like the mesa sound though this unit will not deliver that rectified high gain sound. OD 1 gives more of a vintage crunch sound reminiscent of the vintage plexis at lower gain settings to a dirty grunge sound at higher gain settings. Combined with a nice tube power amp this thing give biting, loud in your face distortion but again this is within the marshall library of sound. In the studio the speaker emulated recording outs dont really provide a true speaker cab sound as things were mostly overly bright and tinty. I would suggest using an effect processor that has speaker simulation effect. I am not big on the idea that great tone is locked up in an certain piece of equipment but rather it is a product of your playing, but if I did have one minor complaint about the unit it is that I never could get rid of some minor high end harmonic buzzing but it was only most noticible when running direct in my home studio. Overall the unit does sound great, the cleans really shine and go from warm jazzy to bright and airy. The OD channels can take you from the vintage plexis to modern metal...no problem!!! And this is the real deal too...no amp modeling!!!


Great. I've never had a problem in three years but it also mostly stays in my home studio. The tubes may be hard to replace though as they are buried inside the unit.

General Comments

Ive been playing for 15 years...anything from blues, jazz, to hard rock, but more recently progressive rock. Personally I am a little more partial to the Mesa sound but I will not discount this unit for providing true Marshall tones. Compared to other products such as the triaxis it is right there for a better price. But if you are looking for a wider array of tone you may want to look into the amp modeling movement.

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