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Sound Quality

I bought this back in 1991 because I couldn't find a Tube Screamer, and as a TS substitute, it's kinda lousy. It's muddy and thick and little else. BUT... when I did finally get a TS, I plugged it in front of this DOD. I run my amps pretty clean and generally use the TS to slam the preamp for chunky sounds... but then I step on this DOD for leads and the thing just SINGS! (The skies open up, the chorus of angels sounds.) At last, I've found it's special purpose!


I gigged with that combo of pedals for about ten years before the DOD started to get a little raspy-sounding. I found another one in a used bin for $15 just recently and everything sounds great again.

General Comments

Again, I like it. It's inexpensive, looks great in all it's candy-apple-redness and gave me years of good service. It's not great for everything, but try it for single-note solos, especially with the neck pickup. Sweeeeet.

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