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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

2- Tom Anderson Cobra's ( 1-Tele Style, 1 S-body style), Fender 50th Anniversary Strat, and an American Std Strat. Humbuckers and single coils. The amp can be noisy in the higher gain settings, there is a noise gate built in that you can adjust. Great variety and it nails all of the amp settings. The 4x10 Tweed setting is awesome. Just crank the gain and volume, drop the wattage about 5-10 watts, crank the master volume, a touch of reverb, and you have a great vintage Fender sound. The Clean boutique sound and Fender Twin can be as jangly as you want. The distortion varieties on each amp setting are a adjustable, versatile, and real. When you have the master volume up loud you have to be careful about some hum and feedback. Again roll the wattage back a little and itls controllable.


I just bought the 30 watt, and have been waiting patiently for this one. I bought the 30 watt for my son for his college dorm. It's spent more time with me at my home. Last weekend I gigged with the 30 watter it sounded great, just needed a little more juevos rancheros. That's when I knew I would need the 50 watt version. I take a backup amp to every gig. I love to play too much to have 1 amp go down and not be able play and finish the gig. So it's too early to know about service.

General Comments

I've been playing for about 35 years. I have a customized Class A-30 watt Crate Vintage Club and the Valvetronix 30 watter. I've had many amps in the recent past. Cyber Twin, Crate Vintage 50 with digital effects, Vibro-King, Vibrolux, Bassman, Matchless, Marshall JCM 60, Bluesbreaker Combo, Peavey Classic's recent and the original's from the early to mid 70's, 67 Bassman with 2-12 JBL cab, and on and on.


If stolen or lost I would get another.


Oddly enough I compared it to the 60 watt Vox ADT-VTX. I set up the amps to compare the exact same amp settings, wattage, and simple effects such as reverb or delay. The only thing the 50 watter doesn't have in the EQ and tone settings is a presence control (and all of the other pedals which most of I already have). The 50 watter blew it away. It kicked it's ass. The 60 watt sells for over $700.00 The 50 was fatter, more organic, and overall had better tone that was easier to dial in. I used a $3,600 Tom Anderson S-Cobra for the AB test, no second rate guitar. I look forward to playing out with this monster and simplify my set up. I might try experimenting with speaker, and the tube to see if there is any differences. Other than that I love it.

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