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Sound Quality

I bought this for my son for Christmas. Gave a away the amp (I had Princeton 65 sitting around)...stuffed everything else in the gig bag and took it to the curb. Bought him a nice real Fender gig bag. The guitar sounded OK, but dull. Almost no chord definition. The switch started dropping out after 3 months (son played this thing hard daily). I decided that this guitar was good enough quality for some upgrades. GFS overwound boutique p'ups (had a set lying around, a little too hot for my tastes, but great for his...I use 57/62's) CTS pots, CRL switch, orange drop cap, real Fender pickup covers and knobs. Rewired for "grease-bucket" circuit. (2 caps, 1 resistor...recomended!) Sound is vintage to Eric Johnson sounding. Very nice...total parts, about $75, including p'ups. Threw on a vintage `63 headstock decal to seal the deal....a great investment. He loves it. It looks really sweet.


The Strap buttoons seem solid, but I only trust locking buttons. If my son starts to play out, these will be replaced. The tuners, saddles and trem are top notch. I wouldn't replace these. No issues.The guitar hold tune very well. The paint is ths poly....Mu son does not treat his guitar with respect but, he hasn't managed to put a ding in this brick. I would gig this guitar without a backup, with the upgrades. Wouldn't trust the stock electronics.


General Comments

I have been playing for 34 years. Been in bands, but now mainly play with my 3 sons. I have owned Gibsons (2 Les Pauls and a J45). My current line-up is a heavily modified Epiphone Sheraton II (see my review...another under-rated axe), Fender USA standard Strat, 1971 Martin D28, Epiphone EJ-160 John Lennon Sig. My amp is a Fender Showman 112 combo. SOmetimes play thru a Digitech Bad Monkey or my Boss GT-3. These SE-100 guitars are available used on eBay for around $70. Grab one and upgrade it. They are far superior to any other current Squier Strat and better then mosr MIMs. Cheap & Easy to upgrade. Save $$ and use GFS p'ups. You'll have your low-budget killer axe. Put a Fender decal on it and no one will ever know this is a Squier!

Reviewer's Background

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