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Jackson Christian Olde Wolbers Signature Dinky

Sound Quality

It suits my style amazingly well. Unfortunately, it is not a very flexible guitar. It only has one EMG 81 pickup in the bridge, with no tone knob. There is no neck pickup at all. Playing through a Mesa Dual Rectifier, it works GREAT for metal, because its got this insane high gain searing sound. Pinch harmonics scream, palm mutes are like getting kicked in the nuts, and it has the great Jackson neck which is great for riffing on the low frets but still equally good for shredding. That same setup that works so well for metal cannot do other things so well. Even if you back off the volume knob, it cannot do a good clean sound through the Dual Rectifier, probably because dual recs have a bad clean channel to start with and are unable to compensate for the EMG 81's super bright clean tone. Playing with a pick clean on this guitar is out of the question, you need to do fingerpicking to bring it under control. It will not a good jazz sound. It can do good crunch sounds and blues low gain sounds if you back off on the volume.


As far as flaws goes, the volume knob fell off the first day I had it because the set screw wasn't tight enough. Then I put it back on, but the pot is in the guitar crooked so it has scratched the paint underneath it. Also, the clear on the guitar is very thin and not very durable so it already has some serious swirl marks in it and I've only had it for about three months. Other then that, it is perfect. You'd have to be nuts to play a gig without a backup, but I would feel more confident with this guitar then most.


General Comments

I've been playing for about nine years. My primary setup is this Jackson, playing through a Mesa Dual Rectifier into a Mesa Recto 2x12 cabinet. Other guitars I have are a Dean Avalanche 7 string and a ESP Viper. The Viper is probably going to end up replacing my COW as my primary axe since it is more versatile, but doesn't play quite as well as this one.


I love the look of it - all black with no inlays - and I usually love how stripped down it is, with no bells and whistles at all. It is a total player's guitar and I really enjoy it for that. It feels amazing and sounds great, but at other times I really can't stand that because the guitar isn't versatile enough. I really miss having a neck pickup sometimes, and that is why I got the Viper.


I would buy another Jackson, but it would probably be the Christian Olde Wolbers 7 string version of this guitar.


I wish it had a neck pickup and a more durable finish.

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