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Sound Quality

I'm running a Les Paul Custom through a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone into a Marshall JCM800 stack. The sound I was looking for when I bought the Metal Zone was heavy, deep, smooth and thick all at once, sort of a combination of Metallica, Type O, Deftones, and Sick Of It All. After cutting all the mids, boosting the bass, and halving the treble on my amp, as well as doing the same with my MT-2 (keeping one of the mid-knobs on about 10), my distortion was breaking up and a little too trebly for me. So I tried the EQ pedal from Boss. I was blown away by the results. Setting in the standard V, my lower strings feel like a well-greased jackhammer, and with no mids, the high strings sing. A velvet wall of sound hiding a three-ton iron bulldozer. It boosts the signal immediately in volume, so you may want to play with that if you don't want your windows shattered.


I've used it at a few live gigs and found no reason to doubt it. I practice with it every day and aside from sucking up batteries like Guinness, there's no foreseeable lack of confidence I'll have with it. I've seen club walls with less strength than this pedal.

General Comments

I currently play with a pop-punk band, but am starting up a heavier band shortly. This is a very versatile pedal which gets me everything from Tool and Deftones to Randy Rhoads to low-fi 70s punk. Without distortion, it makes my guitar much more rich and full. I've only been playing about 7 years but for me, this is the ultimate setup. I've also got a Gibson RD Artist 77 Custom, an Ibanez P.O.S. (with amazingly hot stock pickups, though), a few Ibanez pedals, and a Jazz Bass with Randall combo. I love the sheer thickenization of sound through this and would not hesitate to buy this again if it were stolen. I've gotten whole new soundscapes to play with thanks to this little pedal.

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