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Sound Quality

I'm using Tele's and a Danelectro, Strat and Variax, mainly playing country, rock and blues. I don't think that's terribly relevant since you can tweak this think to whatever suits you. Again - WORK with it and it'll reward you in spades. It's not a plug and play amp. You can do that but understand you're not using it to the fullest.


I would never depend on a really important gig without a backup, first of all. One of my AX2's did have some crapout problems at first but a capactitor value change solved that and I've had NO problems since. As it is a digital amp, however, I would fully recommend you use a power conditioner to ensure proper voltage regulation. Common sense, but you may not be aware.

General Comments

Been playing 35 years. Five years ago I really stepped up and I am an admitted tone freak. This led me to Line 6. I understand there are players who want tubes and to plug in and play, but I'm comfortable with tweaking and this amp is limitless if you want to invest the time. Not the prettiest amp at all but who the {censored} cares? It's stupid, but if I had any criticism it would be for it to look less geeky. It doesn't scream style and balls-out looks. Looks more like a LED Christmas tree. BUT - invest your time and it will do whatever you like. Dont' invest the time and don't complain!

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