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Sound Quality

No noisy , its noise gate is wonderful , and everybody seem to agree ith me . I just didn´t like the Chorus , but all the other effects are excellent . Metallica and Satriani patches are easy to get . The preamp seccion is very powerful ; I get a very heavy sound without problems .


Therion ( Christofer Johnsson is my friend since 2001 ) used it since 1995 on their gigs , but Chris told me he sold it and got a Mesa Triaxis and a Gmajor . I almost bought his own 2101 , but he told me it was falling into pieces , so I gave it up . No problem about depending on the unit , but we can´t abuse the C1 ( the foot controller ) , because its not sooo strong .

General Comments

I tried many Digitech , Boss and Zoom units , and I can say this is the best one . In comparison with the discontinued 2120 VGS , the 2101 is much stronger , and it doesn´t have the crappy digital sound the 2120 has . You must know how to operate with rack units , and you need a loud amp ( what about a Mesa 2:90 ? ) , or it will sound weak , of course . Ah , the drive is much better and stronger than the WEAK Marshall JMP-1 too . IMO and long experience , if you want a floor multi-effects , try a Boss GT , but if you can go beyond , try this one .


I noticed the guy who wrote the review below this one is Brazilian , like me , so let me write him a few words :


E aí , o que se passa com o seu rack ? Eu lí seu texto e percebi que você tinha alguns descontentamentos com o seu 2101 . Me mande um email , se possível . Eu sou de São Paulo .


Some people change the tubes , but I didn´t and it´s not necessary . Upgrading the unit is good to get those seamless patch changes .

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