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Sound Quality

If you can only afford one pedal, it should be this one.  I really liked the BOSS BD-2, but after buying this modded BD-2, I quickly got rid of the original.


I've owned a dozen or so BOSS pedals/products and have NEVER had a single problem.  They're built like tanks.  After nuculear war, all that will be left is cockroaches and BOSS pedals.


General Comments

I've had every Tube Screemer out there and this DoobTone outplays every single one.  I also had a Keeley BD-2 and it appears they are both modded with the same internals.  The DoobTone however has the A/S switch which changes the clipping mode.  In my opinion, the Keeley and DoobTone play virtually the same.  The range of sounds available on this pedal is second to none.  For many gigs, this was the only pedal I needed.  It dramatically cuts down setup and sound check time when you're only trying to get one pedal dialed in.


Worth it's weight in GOLD!

Reviewer's Background

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