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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

TOO BAD . And too NOISY . It sounds exactly like the weak Maiden tone ( Dave , Adrian and Janick use this preamp , before a Marshall 9200 ). If you want to make it sound better , you´ll need a Mesa 50/50 ( at least ) and a Marshall 1960 cabinet at full volume , ah , and using a heavy guitar , with Dimarzio , or Seymour Duncan pickups . DON`T buy this thing if you want metal .


General Comments

Thanks GOD !!! I went back to the store , and after hours of talking , they gave me all the money back .


But after that , I opened the unit at home , and that was true . The Marshall JMP-1 is a SOLID-STATE preamp .

Those tubes make no difference !!!


It sounded just a little better than my Marshall VS100 .


And I got a Digitech 2101 , much heavier , much more sustain , and best suitable for Metal .


Believe it or not , a Boss DS-1 has more punch and sustain than this JMP .

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