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Sound Quality

Originally used with an ancient Marshall MV100 head, later with a JMP-1 and 9100 combo. It sounds pretty good. I don't use the distoritons any more, but they were fine uintil I got the JMP-1. Chorus, delay, flangers, etc., all pretty good, but none of them outstanding. Works well live, but gets shown up a bit in the studio.


Fine for a couple of years, but then it started to piss me off. No display, cutting out mid song, losing settings, etc. The transformer gets incredibly hot, especially if it's been on all day. It's been in for repair once, but it's gone again. The unit itself is well solid, and has taken great abuse on the road, but it just hasn't lasted.

General Comments

When I bought it, I thought it was great. Over time, I've seen it break down mid-gig, and now I'm used to something better. I'd make a pretty good s/h buy for a kid or semi-pro.

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