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Sound Quality

I've used it in a HSS and HH setups with pickups such as Tone Zone, Vintage Blues, Evo, Evo2, Breed. I play Satriani/Vai/Petrucci plus new metal bands. Cleans are ok. On occasion I can get a nice warm, good, sort-of bluesy sound out of it. Anything heavier than that sounds like shit. Period. All those demo tones that were posted on the Line6 website back in 1998-2000, were probably recorded with real tube amps. This amp sounds nothing like or even remotely close to what they demoed. Sounds like a bad solid state amp with some guitar fx processor. When you finally get a good tone, there is a 100% guarantee that at high volume it will sound like shit. So you have to maintain 2 sets of patches pretty much: 1 for practicing and for live gigs.


Definitely bring a backup just in case. Sometimes my channels can switch out of the blue. The dreaded master volume knob tends to produce loud crackling sound when you dial. In most cases some lubrication solves it.

General Comments

It has a few good features. I love the cab simulation which sometimes helps you get pretty close to the tone you like. Tape echo is pretty nice too.


It if it was stolen, I'd go and invest in a real tube amp.



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