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Sound Quality

I rarely use a flatpick, and tend towards a modified Flamenco style where strumming is needed, also play a lot of fingerstyle. This guitar has a deep warm responsive tone that also steps up and puts out the volume when you ask for it. Unlike some high-priced cedar-topped Grands that maintain their composure when you hammer on them, this Taylor wails back when you wail on it,. It's got more volume than the fancy ones I played (Goodall, Santa Cruz) and it gets an urgent sound that is intense and really fantastic -what I was looking for. Under fingerpicking conditions, it's very warm and mellow. The Rosewood adds a depth of character that is very recognizable


this guitar is new, new, new. However my impression is that it is an assertive instrument, well-made, appropriately appointed, and built to take its place in a professional lineup. You can't beat sealed Grovers for tuners, so no worries there. The finish is fine, but not thin. I would never gig anywhere ever without a backup, but this guitar is extremely versatile and a backup would not be needed unless for a special reason, such as needing a brighter sound or a 12-string on a particular song.

General Comments

I've been playing since age 7. This guitar helps put my 2nd guitar, a 1976 Takamine F-360s into semi-retirement, and it's about time. I also own a Rickenbacker 360-12v64 which I adore, and there are several other electrics in the house. The shop mistakenly sold me medium strings for this guitar, and it comes strung with lights. Bummer. As I've said, I think the headstock is a little clunky and would like to see it gloss finished. Also, I'm not keen on pickguards. My favorite feature is the cedar top. I would probably replace this guitar if it were lost or stolen. I played a lot of guitars trying to figure out what I liked and what I really wanted. I started out thinking I would go much smaller than the 714, but found smaller guitars didn't feel right. The runner up to this guitar was a Goodall Aloha Grand Concert in mahogany and cedar. However, it was 600 dollars more and the sound was not nearly as deep and rich. Next in line would have to be the Santa Cruz F, which was way out of budget range. All in all, this is a great guitar at any price, and for under 2 grand you can't beat it.

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