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CreamWare Minimax ASB Authentic Sound Box Synthesizer

Sound Quality

Velocity on the Minimax (to filter and volume) is just right; more so than any synth I've played before, you just tune in the required amount with the knob and play beautifully ;-) A word for the keyboard priority and envelope response: importantly, the MiniMax behaves exactly like a MiniMoog.


Build quality seems exceptional - solid controls, thick metal case, REAL wood. You obviously won't get tuning nightmares, scratchy pots, RF pick-up etc. But it's not possible to say how long this will "last". I had an issue with MIDI clicks coming out on the audio... until I changed to a screened audio lead. Never had that before, though.

General Comments

Simple description: this IS a MiniMoog in a small box, with all the knobs and all the sound, plus full MIDI implementation and switchable polyphony - all for ¿600.






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