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I'm either very dense - or the SE70 is extremely complicated: I'm constantly surprised by this unit and always finding new things it can do - so I mean "complicated" in a very good way, and I don't really think I'm tooo dense ;-)


I've had mine nearly ten years and only today I discovered something else about it - the reverse pitch shift setting, which allows me to get that beautiful Crystal Echo effect that is available on Eventide units.


The manual only provides the barest information of each aspect (it's two big books - if it gave details, they would be massive!)... it hardly explains that Inv1 and Inv2 are the reverse pitch shifts and it was only when reading about the Eventide and wondering if I could get a similar effect that I realised that THAT was what they were for.


It seems that Boss have put so much detail into the SE70 and then not written about it - if they'd put it in a bigger box and called it a Roland product and said it did everything a studio could need, then its qualities might not have got so hidden - many people think it's a stomp-box, but the SE stands for 'studio effects'.


In the end, Boss went the opposite way, I think, because subsequent multi effects they made were no way near as well featured.


All this complexity AND proffessional lush sound.

This is an incredible unit!

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