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Sound Quality

If playing badly is a style then it fits my style perfectly but makes me sound far better than I am. Un-amped it sound really nice though a little quiet. Rich, full sound with brightness. Amped through a PC it really comes to life using the EQ through pin sharp to bassy. Using PC 'effects' it is hard to link the wonderful sound to the instrument that is actually being played!


I don't play live so can't comment but the finish is excellent. Bit dismayed at the plastic strap buttons but then plastics have come a long way so I assume they know what they are doing.

General Comments

I've been playing badly on and off for over 30 years and this is my most expensive guitar to date. I own a Chinese Ovation round-back clone and a '70's' Avon Rose-Morris Les Paul copy. For the price, this an excellent piece of kit that I would probaly replace (though I wouldn't mind giving a Crafter a go out of curiosity). I love it, it looks great and really dislike nothing about it. I tried a Dean which felt too 'substantial'. this is light, refreshing and is a joy to mess around with. If you are considering one of these you shouldn't be disappointed for the price.

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