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Sound Quality

The unit is quiet as long as the output knob remains at 12 o'clock or less (which is Digitech's recommendation anyway). The "silencer"/noise gate works extremely well- get used to your system being silent. Only cuts off tail in extreme settings.Digital effects are "OK," there is a loss of definition/clarity with the reverbs. Presets are generally over done with effects (trying to grab you in the store) and you will generally need to "dry them out" for playing live. This unit's real strength is putting sound direct to tape. I feel it is lacking "balls" in live use- the sound is somewhat muffled and dark through 2x12 Mesa cabs.


The buttons (especially the arrow buttons) began to stick with use. With the footcontroller, it would send "pedal all the way down" messages at random, especially fun when you are controlling volume or distortion.....

General Comments

I ended up getting tired of the "overly processed" sound, and bought a Mesa Triaxis for live use. But, the guy I sold it to was pretty happy.....

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