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Sound Quality

The sound quality is pretty good. Whenever I switch it on it makes this noise(EHHH!) but it isnt to bad especially if you start playing right when you switch it on. So i wouldnt worry about that. THis will work with anything that you can dish up, hell sometimes i even turn the distortion on the gonkulator all the way up and the distortion on my ibanez smashbox on to get a super fuzzy sound.The effect is kinda weak on low strings ( not as good as higher) but very noticable on the high strings and is great for solos if you dont want to sound like an 80's shredder.


HHHmmm... so far it has held up ok, but it seems rather tender and fragile especially the footswitch. Another problem i ran into was that a small washer under one of the tone knobs came up a little bit. But, all i had to do was take the knob off and tighten it down with my hand and it hasnt happened sinse. Besides the know didnt fall off or anything it was just raised up a little. I have not yet gigged with it.

General Comments

I think this is overall a good pedal. I play hard rock with weird effects and what not. I use it occasionally but not quite like I thought I was going to when i bought it. I think that you may find that you use it in a different way than you think you will. But using it is using it right? I wouldnt gig with a back up but mostly because the babies are hard to get!

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