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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

This is not a glory review. Sounds are all around good, but suffer from a few cross-the-board flaws: 1.Cabinet is built like crap. This makes tonal response unbalanced at high volumes, and creates vibration that muddens and distorts your sound. 2. Clean amp models sound to be quite low-output and lacking in girth, for example, 2x12 blackface. 3.while there are a few tube tones, the amp has an overall harsh, brittle sound to it, most likely the result of the cheap 12" speaker and particle board cabinet. 4. The bottom end on many of the models, staying true to the originals, is extremely loose and tends to crumble. This can create a monstrous thump in a 4x12 cabinet, but just sounds mushy in a 1x12 combo. All in all, sounds are decent, but the more your turn up, the less usable this amp becomes. Flashy at low volume with lots of variety and built in effects. Used a 1999 Jeff Beck Signature Stratocaster w/ gold lace sensors and bucker in bridge.


Mine had to be returned due to the cabinet buzzing constantly. That is just poor quality. If you open this thing up you can see the shotty construction first hand. Would not trust this thing to deliver night after night. Looks tough with a chrome grill and black tolex, but the joints of this amplifier are weak and cheaply assembled.

General Comments

Like many people, I've played for a long time and owned lots of gear. However, I am critical of the gear I do own and never give out glory reviews. for amps in this price range, this is what you get. While the ad50vt may sound better at low volumes and pack more features than other amps in the same class (peavey bandit, traynor dynagain, roland cube, etc.)this amp is far from stageworthy, and that is simply why it sucks. I would rather have a 2 channel solid-state peavey that has a decent cabinet, speaker and line out than a digital amp-modeling piece of $%^&. I am buying something else. Traynor makes decent stuff at least in terms of contruction, so you know that you can turn it up and haul it around to gigs, so I would recommed them over this fancy vox.

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