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Sound Quality

i use this on my bass and boy does it kick some serious ass.. ui use a squier standard series p-bass special, into the AX1000G, then into a yorkville BM-200 bass amp. its noisy on some settings, ie: high gain effects, but that is expected. i love all the effects in this unit, esepcially the hold delay, and the "korn" preset distortion setting. i get the perfect sound from my fav badn "rage against the machine" put some tremolo and distortion on it and you can play the intro to "geurilla radio". but distortion and wah and you can play the verse to "calm like a bomb". this thing has awesome metal distortion. i use the cainet sims alot, usually the "vintage 4x12" or the "classic 4x12" with metal distortion and flanger.... this is the best processor i've ever tried. i mean its for guitar but i use it with bass, and i was blown away by its high end sound quality. my fav effects are the delay, distortions, flanger, wah's, the "talker", pitch shifter, and the cabinet sims.


its a solid metal body with plastic knobs and buttons.

General Comments

this is a kick ass multi effects unit, especially for bass (even tho its for guitar) i've been playign a little over a year. i own a boss PH-2 super phaser, HM-2 heavy meta, ODB-3 bass overdrive, and a CH-1 super chorus.... im looking to get rid of my pedals and fully buying the AX1000G. i like this unit alot, and i am gonna buy it sooner or later :) i woudl buy it again if i had it in the 1st place. i like everything about it. well except when i first rented it the bank switching was buggered up. anything i wish it had? it has bassically everything? except a harmonizer...... it would be complete if it had a harmonizer. but besides that its perfect. it helps me make music ie rage against the machine. buy this unit if you want alot of good effects for a good price.... its going for $350 canadian in this town.... but i think its used still? im not sure..... but yea its a great pedal to have :)

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