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Sound Quality

The unit is absolutely quit. No noise whatsoever. The chorus effect is rich and lush. Sounds much better than all the other units that I have tried and well worth the extra money. Wide range of sounds can be made with this unit. The Ambience mode is cool, too. The chrorus sound does not sound so "digital" or metallic. It sounds rather pleasant and more natural. No switching noise when any of the foot switches are depressed.


The cabinet is all metal and feels nice and heavy. The knobs are recessed and the foot switches are really tough. I feel that this unit will last a long time. Very well designed. No backup needed, I feel.

General Comments

A little on the pricey side, but well worth the extra money. This chrorus box sounds really nice compared to all the other units that I have tried. It doesn't sound so "digital." It sounds rather natural. I would recommend this pedal to anyone, especially to stage performers since this pedal sounds really good and is built tough enough for stage use. This thing is so heavy that it can go through a windshield.

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