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Sound Quality

The phasing sounds are pretty awsome and abundant. The effect is definately strong, much stronger than other units. It makes very little hiss or noise. My only gripe is that when the sweep is on the low side, I get some sort of gabled sound, like it's overloaded. Turning down either the resonance knob or the volume knob on my guitar makes the garbling go away.


Had it for 10 years and never had a problem. The check light pretty much tells you when the battery is gonna go on you. Batteries last a fairly long time, and I feel, the check light gives you ample warning. The box is built really sturdy. I've kicked it, dropped it, and dragged it all over the place and it still ticking. The switch is good. There's no "plunking" or switching sound I've noticed with other units. I would definately trust this on stage without a backup.

General Comments

Would definately buy it again. For the money, it's an excellent value.

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