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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

I give it a solid 9 because I paid $34 for it, and for a $34 pedal, I was amazed. A ten for me is actual tube overdrive from the amp, but this sounds great through the clean channel channel of a tube amp. I took a chance and read the reviews where people said "smooth overdrive" and the reviews were right on. I've played it through a Peavey Valve King 112, and a Mesa Boogie Tremoverb Dual Rectifier, and it gives a very smooth overdrive to the clean channels of both amps. I noticed there is a slight delay on the Valve King when switching between channels, so I bought this pedal to allow time sensitive switching to overdrive. It sounds just like I was hoping it to sound. I like that there are two EQ knobs: low and hi, which I actually like better than Boss's style of on tone knob. I get a more intricate mix with the Bad Monkey. It's cheaper than many overdrive pedals, but sounds great. Don't expect this pedal to give you higher, crunchy distortion levels at full gain - it's just an overdrive pedal and you can't get that sound out of it. It does give a decent full overdrive sound though, and through my mesa, it sounds incredible. I've never tried it through a solid state amp, though, so if you use solid state, you may want to take a trip to the music store and see if you like it. Lastly, the band monkey sounds decent in series with a distortion pedal. You could use as a gain boost if you wanted.


It's made of metal and you wouldn't want to get hit with it. I am glad digitech has been making metal stomp boxes. I don't buy plastic pedals out of principle.

General Comments

Definitely a good value. I've been paying guitar for over 13 years, and lately profressionally. I am discerning about the effects I use, and what sold me on this pedal is that I can turn it on and off without drawing a lot of attention to the effect change. Some songs I play get steadily thicker, and this pedal can make seamless transitions. If you turn the volume up, it could be set to bring in a harder sound, but my use for it is to keep it more subtle. You can get it for $35. Negotiate with 'em.

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