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Ian Combs

Schecter Guitar Research C-7 Blackjack 7-String Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I play Korn, Metallica, 311, and SRV stuff...along with some really odd original stuff...the only thing that this doesn't suit is the SRV stuff, as it has 2 humbuckers. I'm using it with a Carvin VT50 half-stack, and it sounds big and ballsy...especially thru that Carvin 410 cab...the cab has massive amounts of chunk, and it can handle the low string pretty well! The guitar itself sounds like a good metal guitar when I peg the gain knob...but the neck pickup sounds deep and clear on the clean channel...great overall sounds...I LIKE!


This guitar is as stable as any other guitar out on the market...I have no concerns whatsoever


General Comments

I've been playing guitar since I was in preschool and I think that after 10 or 12 years that I'd be able to pick out a good guitar...which I did...

If this ever got stolen...I'd track down the dumb MF that stole it and bludgeon him to death with a Squier...

I'm completely and utterly satisfied with this instrument

Reviewer's Background

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