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Sound Quality

I use mostly BC Rich guitars and Jackson with emg 81(+preamp booster switch,a must for 81`s).I have tried running rp-10 into several amps(mesa triple rect,marshall 800,mesa 50/50 and others).At first I was dissapointed by the distortion,it was hot BUT thin sounding.Then I ran it into a LANEY aor 50 pro tube head...This was the answer to the problem.Most all of the older laneys have a stupid amount of bass(when you pull boost).This compleately makes up for the thinness of rp-10.I like the sound Im getting from this rig better than what I get from my triple rect.It does`nt sound as natural,but it is so much more...evil(for lack of a better term).I play metal,REAL METAL like maiden,priest,hammerfall,Iced earth,BLACK SABBATH,ect.I am getting a killer sound for this type of music. The delays are good and very full sounding. The wah stinks...yes its true,its true. The unit does take some tweaking to keep things from sounding overprocessed.If you own a laney tube head,and play metal old or new I recommend this unit highly.Other wise I think you might be let down.


I have had it a while and had no problems,I am second owner so any problem before me I am unaware of.

General Comments

I play metal,And it works well with what I said above.If it broke or was stolen I would probablly try a newer RP unit(with a laney amp)

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