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Sound Quality

The sound gate is annoying as it cuts out at low volumes on some patches and lets buzz through on others. The volume balance between patches is not good and much tweaking is needed to remidy this issue. Fantastic chorus and reverb. The multi-tap delay is also top notch. The distortion is pretty weak, but usable if you don't play heavy metal (I don't). Used with my Fender Roadhouse Strat and Fender Hot Rod tube amp it produces some pretty good sound.


The display wigs out. The unit gets WAY hot. Worse than this is the fact that the output level spuriously changes durring a gig making it nearly impossible to remidy without a power cycle. At first the unit worked most of the time and only occasionally needed to be reset. Now the unit ONLY works occasionally and constantly needs reset.

General Comments

I play mostly modern rock (3rd Door Down, Goo Goo Dolls, EVE6, Tal, etc) with some classics like U2, STP, etc. I have been playing for around 25 years. I bought the unit from a friend that upgraded to a rack unit. I am replacing the unit with an RP-14d. I really loved the features the unit has, but its reliability left me wanting. The newer boxes come with an external power supply, have a tube for better distortion, internal tuner, programable analog pedal, and support programs for MIDI availible where this model does not.


I would have lived without these features IF THE UNIT WAS RELIABLE, which it is not. I will give Digitech on more chance with the RP-14d since I really love the layout and usability of this line of effects. The sounds are wonderful.

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