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Sound Quality

Well, I already explained my set up. No Noise, Except the real high gain settings. I really like the Solid State distortion on the 2101. It nails the Randy Rohodes tone with absolute ease! The Cry baby/waa waa peddle sucks! I have an original Dulap I run before the Pre amp and it screams. So who cares. The pitch shift, chorus, delay, flange, etc. all 15,000 of them are great, I only know how I do things and for me it only takes a touch to change the sound. To much sounds processed. I don't care if you are using a $2 million dollar effects processor designed by NASA! I like to hear the guitar, in stereo, true wood tone, loud, wide, and tight! I can't say enough about this unit in all honesty. Go out and pay $70-$300 for individual effects and plug them in series. That is all you will ever have. What are you going to do in between sets? unplug them and change the configuration to get a particular sound? For the money this thing is Holy!


O.K. it did fail on me once, and It was out of warranty. the foot peddle stopped working. It may have been my fault though. You can not unplug the foot control when the unit is on or it will short out the midi foot control in. This might of happen to me on accident. I sent it in and paid like $75.00 plus shipping. It was returned in about 1.5 weeks. They were great! No big deal!

General Comments

As in everything, I'm sure there are those out there who think this thing is either the bomb, mediocre, or flat out junk. It does take a lot of time to figure out and memorize how to do the programing, the midi mapping, the banking, and the parameter configuration. But once you get it, you'll realize that this thing was designed by individuals who had to have had IQ's far greater than the average genious. It is intensely large and if you don't have patients? Forget it! I really love this processor. It has served me well, and it sounds fantastic. I have gone into the Guitar Center an played through a lot of different stomp boxes, processors, amps, guitars. Hey, it's all good! but I have yet to play though a rig as versitile and out right tone churning as mine. In my opinion this Processor is fantastic! if you have any questions or possitive comments/suggestion, feel free to contact me. NO SPAM please! thanks.

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