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Sound Quality

Unplugged sounds pretty nice, and hopefully will open up with time as the cedar top learns to vibrate better. It's a smaller guitar than the typical dread; so it has a more balanced sound with less low-end. Plugged in, well I don't plug it in much since I'm playing at home mostly, but it has a fairly nice natural sound and pretty good flexibility with the Fishman system. Has 3 band EQ plus 'brilliance'. Again, considering cost it's a nice sounding guitar. Alongside my Martin D-15 or Taylor 314, well it's not quite in that league.


Always tough to comment on reliability when you've owned something for 2 weeks. Seems well put together and generally solid despite finish flaws. I expect it will be fine, but only time will tell.

General Comments

Despite my complaints about the finish work etc. I love this guitar. The appearance is really very nice if you're not nit-picking too much -- it's one of the main reasons I bought the guitar, it's striking without being overdone. And it's a nice step up in sound from the laminate top guitars typically found in this price range. At this price, I'd certainly recommend that you try one out.

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