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epiphone Valve Junior Tube Amplifier Head

Sound Quality

These days I'm playing on a strat with "noiseless" pickups. A little warmer than singlecoils, but way more SC than HB. This amp is a gem only by controlling the guitar's knobs. It's also very dynamic: just alter you picking and you have all tonalities you want. This amp can actually drive very hard with the noiseless pickups, since they have higher output than SC. I use the amp with the special designed valve junior 1x12" extension cabinet (eminence Lady Luck speaker). Never harsh, never dull. all 60ties sounds can be achieved. Pedals do the rest.


looks very reliable and feels heavy. no problemo.

General Comments

First real tube amp I own. others were either unaffordable or not the label "tube" worthy.

Excellent for every player who wants to move up from small solid state crap to real tone for only a couple of bucks.

It are these amps that were used often by the Great in studio recordings, since they are simple, sound good and are easily pushed into overdrive.

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