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Sound Quality

I was skeptical too at this red thing. Thanks to the reviews here I went down to Sam Ash to check this amp out. I was in the market for a "practice amp" cuz lugging my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe around for rehearsal got old! I didn't want to sacrifice sound though and wanted a decent amp. I was very surprised to play this amp! My Fender Strat actually took to this thing in some ways better than the Hot Rod. I get more "quack" from this amp. The tone is completely different. The solid state power amp I think helps to get more response (quicker). Just a guess. Not replacing my Fender amp but this thing will go out with me to very small venues. My 335 didn't sound as nice as through the Hot Rod maybe due to the speaker size but it still sounds decent. Note: There is only one master volume so not made to be switched in live settings. Also, the reverb is fairly spacious and nice if kept at a low level. I bought this at Sam Ash used for $100 so it was well worth it. I would have bought it new otherwise.



General Comments

This is a great light weight amp with plenty of tone and volume. For what it is... it is one of the best amps out there in this category. The tube sound shines. I highly recommend to owners of single coil guitars.

Reviewer's Background

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