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Sound Quality

I use this with a marshall jcm 800, with two 4x12 cabinents, or with my rivera amp. Absoloutly the best sounding distortion I have tried. My amps sound pretty good on their own. But this gives them the crunchy sound. I can't understand the bad reviews? I mean this thing is so wicked. the only other pedals I use are an old morley wah, a boss sd-1, a bf-3 flanger, and ph-3 phaser. I also have a PIAA tube head, and BBE 411. I can only think that kids buy this pedal and hook them into their transistor amps. Didn't your daddy tell you NOT to by transistor amps. I mean this thing even sounds good with my little Fender black face. Look if you want goodf sound save up and buy a tube amp. An MT-2 or any other pedal will never do it.


It's a boss, all metal.

General Comments

I have a couple of LEs pauls, a Fender strat, and a fender thinline, . It sounds great through all of them. Don't believe all the crap you read here about this pedal. It's not even made anymore. But it sounds great before a tube preamp. It gives you the long sustain and wall of amps sound. I mean the real wall, not like that crappy MT-2. I put the MT-2 in front of my amps and it's a wimp. Roland screwed up big time.


PS...the MT-2 does sound good through a little epiphone practice transistor amp.

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