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Rogue FM-80E Acoustic-Electric Mandolin

Sound Quality

It sounds ok, not great. The tone definately has a lot of treble to it and still retains a nice jangle effect, but, that has more to do with the mandolin strings, than the actually construction of the mandolin. It has an open sound to it, while still sounding boxy at times, while the upper register of the fretboard is almost dead (not due to action, it just doesn't ring at all). Amplified, it's like playing my Sigma 12-string with a Capo on 12, but it gets it's job done. It's not a great sounding mandolin, but then again, who can afford such a thing?


I know that this thing will withstand gigging, cause it already has. It's passed through a lot of hands since I got it and not once has it complained. Tuning it always dead on, the action's stayed perfect and it's tone never changed. I can't say that if I had a chance I wouldn't scrap this for a real mandolin, but for the money it's a keeper.

General Comments

I've been playing music for a good 10 years now and mandolin was the last instrument I picked up 3 years ago. I LOVE this mandolin, for the money, but those Gibson F-series mandolins sure are nice. If you're looking for a professional level mandolin, I definately wouldn't suggest this one. But, if like I was, you're in a bluegrass/country/folk band that needs a mandolin player and you don't want to sink a ton of money into a mandolin, the Roque series are where its at. It's amazing for $130.

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