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Sound Quality

The pianos are good but not great. I was looking for outerspace sounds and arpregiators that sound like thier burning through space. I'm happy with those sounds although the synth wave sounds are not analog sounding enough for me. I wanted something along the lines of the Super Furry Animals or Spiritualized or Pink Floyd. I got more of a Cure feeling than any of those other bands. For Supertramp piano its great. Also the organs are very good. Especially 60's organ. It would probably be great for a band like Wilco or even Neil Young stuff. Combining synth sounds can be really interesting as well. It reacts well to my playing but the decay has to be adjusted everytime you change parameters which is a bit of a pain.


Yep, If the guy in ELO can so can I.


General Comments

I would buy it again. I gave the Korg D5 some thought before I purchased this. I'm glad I made the choice I did. I mainly went with this one for the look of it, the price and the reviews of it a homerecording.com. It has a lot of neat extras in it that make me really like it. I own a Korg Poly 61 that I use for psychadelic sounds and fun wave riding. The RS5 I tend to use for straight stuff and unique background noise. I wish you could store more presets on the 8 buttons under the display. Like 10 in each position. That would have made it much easier to pull up stuff you've created. I create a lot on it and it has given me numerous songs due to its large library of sounds.

Reviewer's Background

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