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Rob -F29_b

PRS Dave Navarro Signature Model Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I play hard rock/alternative/metal - I wanted a guitar to be my "main" guitar - I have about 30 guitars, and none seemed to do it "all". This seems to be the one that does. I play through a Mesa Boogie Road King and a Guytron GT-100 - this sounds KILLER! I use several effects, and the tone is very clear, easy to get harmonics anywhere on the neck. I especially like the ease of changing a string and keeping it in tune! I wanted a guitar w/multiple tones, floating bridge, but that didn't take a month to change a string if it broke during show or rehearsal - I always keep a back up on stage, but probably won't need to change guitars anymore. The treble pickup (bridge) cleans up so well when set to 1-3 it sounds like I switched to the clean channel on my amp - better than any other guitar I own. It plays like a dream - smooth, and the wide/thin neck is perfect for me. The frets seem to be a little closer together from 18-24 than my other 24 fret guitars, and I have pretty fat fingers, so it has taken a little time to get used to that, but it is not a negative -just different. I have used .09 gauge strings since I began (28 years ago -wow didn't realize I was that old) it came w/10's and the action/setup was so good, I have continued to leave the 10's on there - that took a little getting used to as well - a little more resistance on the g, b, & e strings than I was accustomed to, but a sight learning curve. Neck p/up sounds really full and no volume loss. My friends had been telling me for years to get a PRS, but I didn't see one I wanted until I saw the white Navarro model - then I had a hard time finding one - contacted Wilcutt guitars in Lexington KY and they emailed me as soon as one arrived (thanks for the A+ service guys!). My amps are very high gain, and the guitar is as quiet as any I own. Basically, it does it all for me - any sound, trem, stays in tune, and it is excellent craftmanship! If you're reading this you're probably considering one - go ahead and take the plunge! The only thing I don't care for is the Navarro Model written on the truss cover - probably will take it off, I'm not a huge Navarro fan, just liked the all white and this is the only PRS that has it.


It will last - I will always bring a backup = never know what might happen, but I will use this even w/different drop d- to e tunings - it's easier and faster to tune this than to switch guitars and wish I was playing this one. I use strap locks, but the buttons were huge.


General Comments

been playing a long time - I have owned so many different guitars and amps, trying to find one that does it all - this has everything - tone, floating trem that stays in tune, easy to re-string, 24 frets - I see why so many guys have been playing PRS -this is my first, and it became my #1 guitar almost immediately. My main guitars before have been a Peavey Wolfgang pat. pend, several Jacksons, Schecters, Les Pauls, some strats w/Humbuckers installed, and several more that weren't more than a 1-trick pony. My main amp is a Guytron GT-100 that just replaced my Mesa Road King, and I have found insane tone - this guitar is clean to saturated, and great sustain. If it were stolen -someone would be hunted and when found - beaten. I would replace it in a heartbeat. If you've never used the PRS trem it is awesome - like a floating F. Rose w/out the locking nut - the strings lock at the tuners and it takes like 1 minute to change and tune a string - it does not go out of tune! I loved my Wolfgang, but couldn't pull the trem sharp (up - only down) this does it and more. If I could change one thing it would be to have an unfinished neck - it's a set neck and it is pretty smooth, I just love unfinished necks, and I'm not about to start scraping paint and finish off this, so I'll just learn to love this. I'm glad I found it, and wondering why it took so long to finally try a PRS.

Reviewer's Background

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