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Sound Quality

I was totally amazed with this pedal. Set it up right with a decent amp and you can get almost any sound you want. I've had it for a week and love the thing.I have a marshallDSL a Ibanez rg520 a gibison paul and a strat. I run the eq threw the effects loop along with a whammy, a DD5 delay and a danelectro flanger. I run a cry baby strait into the input. I use the pedal to change the distortion from heavy to brutal. set it with a 5db+ boost at 100hz and right under 5db+ at 3.2k. 200hz and 400hz set flat and drop 800hz 5db- and 1.6k about 7db- you can get brutal. the amp is set gain 10 presence 10 treble 6 midds 4 bass6 the tone shift and bass boost on. I use lead 1or2 as needed. with the eq if you boost the any of the frequnces to much like to 15+ or- it sounds like crap. the amp losses all its tone. I play metalica deftones rage against the machine santana hendrix and all in bettwen.


nothing to worry about

General Comments

It is a great pedal. for any one about throw out a amp cause it sounds bad first try one of these. been playing 2 years. any body living in fort walton beach wanta jam talk to me. Its my sisters cpu and its her email address but she won't care.later!

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