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Sound Quality

I bought this pedal for using with my bass after reading some reviews and the one lesson I've learned from this is....dont always believe what you read! This is NOT a bass pedal..In a real world live and loud gigging situation the volume drop when you engage the pedal makes it totally useless as an effect,and I found it couldnt settle on the sound I had dialled in, instead it moved from ultra muffled sub crap to ultra tinny twee crap...Horrible!


This thing sucks batteries even with very minimal use, utterly un-reliable in my experience, letting me down in the middle of gigs.

General Comments

I play all kinds of music, mostly covers etc and the obvious application for an envelope filter would be on the funkier stuff...the FX25 is definately not a pedal for using with bass guitar when you want something to add to your signal, when you stand on it its like your bass has just been sucked down into a black hole with this tiny little Flea playing down at the very bottom through a 15w practice amp !

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