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BBE Boosta Grande Clean Boost Effect Pedal

Sound Quality

It's a clean boost that's perfect for raising your volume to solo levels. It doesn't add any color, though pushing the amp (and the speaker) harder will make your overall sound a bit fatter. I haven't really read the reviews below, but I've got a couple things that might be worth mentioning. You may get strange results depending on what you use this with... I once set my rig with the Boosta Grande, a Tubeworks Real Tube, and a BBE Crusher. No pedals on, the boost was fine. With the Crusher on, the boost was fine. With the Real Tube on, HOLY CRAP! It was WAY too loud! Yeah, I bet some of you are thinking that there's no such thing as too loud, but it was two or three times louder than the other two scenarios. That's just no good, especially since the Real Tube was my light crunch sound, and the Crusher was for the high gain solos. I use it now with a BBE Green Screamer and the Crusher (the BBE stuff is really fantastic - if I was famous, I'd endorse them), and it's perfect. I think that since the Real Tube uses a *ahem* tube, it pushed too much power into the amp. Test out this pedal with other 12AX7 (or in my case, 12AU7) pedals before you commit. Another possible snag is that it doesn't really boost a solid state amp if you're using other overdrive/distortion pedals with it. At rehearsal, my Peavey Ranger 212 (modded to sound like a heavenly Twin Reverb) had a problem, and I had to borrow my friend's Roland Blues Cube. Great sound, but the Boosta wouldn't boosta-nough. Clean it was fine, but nothin' doin' with my other pedals. I guess this thing wants a tube amp. Fine by me - all of my amps are blessed with tubes. Regularly, this is a 10 (hey, it's simple, but it does what you want it to). I'll mark it a 9 because of the above issues, but those could have just been anomalies.


I've stomped on BBE stuff for months, and these things hold up like champs.

General Comments

I play alternative, prog, classic rock, and what I sometimes pretend is jazz. This thing is perfect for any style that makes use of guitar solos. Remember, this thing loves tubes!

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