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Sound Quality

I like many have been a tube snob for years and am pretty critical when it comes to tone. The past year i have been trying to find a smaller tube amp that can do alot but it just did not exist. It also kills me buying combo amps and always having to use pedals because distortion is not good or i cannot turn the amp up enough in a bar to get it sounding good. This amp works really well if you are in a cover band like me and need a bunch of sounds and levels for rythm and leads. Another bonus is it is pretty light and has line(s) out. It comes with a foot controller but i needed more settings where I need to set rythm and lead tones/levels plus with this amp i could do it with my Fender and Gibson. I picked up a midi pedal off ebay and life has been pretty good with all channels available at my feet and nothing else needed. The tones are pretty convincing and you can push the amp. The distortions are pretty good and the clean also sounds good. It also sounds pretty good when you really need to be quiet in a smaller setting. The built in tuner is not great but works well enough to have 1 less pedal at your feet. The trick is to turn your guitar volume down to about 7 and it helps lining up to get to proper pitch. I am giving it a 9 due to it's lack of contol over the compression which i ended up turning off anyways in all my patches. Other than that until something better comes along i am pretty content. There is alot more i could write but i dont want to type anymore! Email me if you are on the fence about getting one of these.


No problems.. knock on wood!


General Comments

One thing i forgot to mention is you have to take your time with this Amp to get your tone. It took me a # of months to tweak settings and find my sound. If this broke would definately find one especially where it is midi i have backups for all my settings and would just have to dump them back on a used one. By the way i waited about 6+ months to write this review to be able too get a real understanding of the amp and it's abilities. This amp can do ALOT. I am pretty happy with my sounds now and there is more i just have not had time dive into.. like the blackface settings... i have pretty much been hooked on the tweed settings.

If you have any questions or want copeies of my settings drop me an email....

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