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Peavey Delta Blues 210 Tube Amp Combo

Sound Quality

Firstly, I don't believe ANY amp can sound like a 10 out of 10. Some people believe there is nothing like Fender's or Mesa's clean sound. Some believe there is nothing like Marshall's overdrive/distortion. I believe this is generally preference. I tried out a Fender DeVille while I was playing through amps in the store. Compared to the DeltaBlues 210, the DeVille sounded a bit less warm and a bit more twangy. I would not say however that this Peavey sounded of less quality! It was just different in Character. I never thought I would buy a Peavey. I honestly liked the clean sound better than the Fender! It is very warm, clear, and punchy when you need it to be! I have no problem standing out in the mix now. I would assume the DeltaBlues 115 would be less warm and not as punchy, but maybe even a bit more transparent sounding. Now, put my sales pitch aside... let's talk about the SOUND of this amp. It is PERFECT for Blues, Jazz, Classic Rock, and everything in between. For metal, the built in overdrive may not do the genre justice. However, you should be able to get this using pedals through the clean channel. Now I want to make a comparison between this amp and my Marshall Valvestate amp. Even though my Marshall had one tube in the preamp to add warmth, this amp is 10x more smooth and creamy. I ran the two amps side by side using an A/B switch. My distortion pedals sounded so harsh (in a bad way) compared to the creamy sound of the Peavey. Don't get me wrong, I was still able to get an awesome/brutal sounding Metal distortion out of it, but it didn't hurt my ears as much as the Marshall did. Before I got this DeltaBlues amp, I ran my pedals through the overdrive channel (with enough gain to dirty up the signal a bit, but with no breakup in the sound). Running them through the overdrive channel instead of the clean channel took some of the harshness away. I guess I was faking the smoothness of a tube amp. I really liked my Marshall's sound until I got this amp though. I cannot believe the difference a tube amp makes in your sound. I will never buy solidstate again!


Built like a brick. If you take care of it, I bet it would last a lifetime (with the exception of replacing the tubes of course).

General Comments

From reading into Peavey's history, they have always stood for being the best, but still "affordable" to musicians. Although this amp was only $679.00, I would personally have paid $1000 for this amp if the price tag said $1000. It is that good! Peavey didn't cheap out on this amp; you definitely get your money's worth here! Plus, it's awesome tone will melt anyone! It's to die for!!

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