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Seymour Duncan Blackout Metal Cover Humbucker SET

Sound Quality

man the bridge is hot hot hawt. neck is normal hot the tone is a bit trebly in the bridge. the neck is beautiful. but the real magic is when you switch the neck to the bridge slot. it is a very balanced thick huge tone. while being just as brutal as the bridge it offers more versatility and i think has better articulation. the bass is perfect. huge and tight but not too tight. enough to be percussive and clear. i play metal from judas preist to cannibal corpse my band tunes down to c sharp and it handles it beautiful. i am also a fan of hard rock heavy blues and southern rock. the neck in the bridge position it great at these styles. the only thing unsuitable that i play is outlaw country. need a tele for that. this pick up made me switch from passives when i thought it would never happen. i gave a 9 because 10 would be perfection. maybye if it was splitable.



General Comments

if it were destroyed or slolen i would get another in a heartbeat. i have been playing for 14 years and have had several guitars and pups through the years. nothing has had the satifaction that this gives me. i am telling you neck in the bridge slot is the way to go

Reviewer's Background

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