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Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

Does metal really well but also tones down to do some nice crunchy blues stuff. That said though, if you buy one of these your generally looking to play the more heavy stuff. The extensive EQ adds a fantastic amount of flexibility and I would have to say the EQ is the heart of the MT-2's success imo. I use a Hamer SATQ with a JB/Jazz setup through a Marshall TSL 602 on the clean channel. The MT-2 is a quiet pedal. To be fair, I can't really compare this with any other pedal because I've not extensively tried others but I can't imagine anything better to be honest.


Only had it a couple of months but judging by the experiences I've had with other Boss pedals this is never going to be an issue.

General Comments

The only thing I could possibly knock this pedal on would be battery consumption. I did use rechargeable in all my pedals and the MT-2 used to get through 2 of these in a 3 hour gig.


I've done the right thing and bought a dedicated power supply now.


If it were lost or stolen I would try other pedals first such as the Metal Core but I suspect I would come back to the MT-2 pretty sharply.


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