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Sound Quality

The wah sounds okay however it doesn't live up to "the most vocal-like quality of their wah pedals." I guess it could be true if they modelled it on a really high shrilling and annoying voice! This Elite wah sounds too high pitched and turns my amp distortion to crap and when i use it. If i lower the high EQ on the clean/distortion channel i can get a reasonable sound however as soon as i turn the unit off then my distortion is muffled :S. I've even tried turning the tone knob on my boss cs-3 down to try tame it but that works only to limited success. Lastly the unit creates a big pop when switching the effect on and there is a half second delay before the effect comes through - turning off is a bit quicker with less noise. (I had used another GD-30/volume wah and even on the high Q setting the wah was better sounding and with no pop) Using Ibanez + Brian Moore Guitars VHT 50w 2x12 Pitbull I experimented using the wah direct and in a chain...


I'm sure i could depend on it as apart from the uneaven construction it seems very solid, but i'm gonna sell it...


General Comments

Due to its shrilly vintage sound and operational flaws I'm not very impressed.


...they claim it is a professional product though I doubt it is used by professionals.

Reviewer's Background

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