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Gretsch Guitars G6120RHH Reverend Horton Heat

Sound Quality

Well, I owned a " Green Double Annie" with a Bigsby but ended up selling it because I was having a senior moment at the age of 30! So I decided to invest in the best possible Gretsch for my needs and decided it was the The Only one for build quality and a reference to its roots mixed in with a little fire and brimstone. The workmanship overall is top notch and I have had my experiences in both new and vintage guitars having been in the business for years as well as suffering with the insatiable desire to find that sound in my head! The RHH has a unique and robust three dimensional sound that only a hollowbody can deliver and feels quite substantial in your hands and ears. I play through either a Vox AC30HW combo, a Fender Prosonic (custom shop version), or a 1963 Vibrolux of the Wheat Grill variety, right before they all went to black tolex. I have zero complaints


This guitar was designed to be played....but feel free to stare as most people do!


General Comments

This is the proverbial "keeper"......No really, I mean it this time!

There is nothing that I dislike about this guitar in its stock state. It is a perfect blend of era specific electrical differences and the iconic look of country in a very retro, post modern kind of way. Build....Vibe....tone....looks....? That IS a guitar my friend!


Reviewer's Background

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