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Sound Quality

the chorus,reverb,delay effects are superb for the cash. the wah was totally useless-wah goes in front of distortion. the whammy is very electronic(good thing i have floyd roses). i hate the distortion. i came to this conclusion after i bought my 5150. before i used standard patches through a roc-pro 1000 half. all the weird effects like phasers,flanges,tremolo,arpeggiator,and etc. i don't use. i hate the 1/2 second delay between patches that was very annoying as well. coolest thing was the CC pedal. it could control everything from volume, chorus rate, reverb, tremolo, and effects mutations(buy it for this alone if anything!).


i bought used with no rubber on the CC pedal. display was lopsided, and the 0 button did not work. later on the 1 pedal ceased to function as well and the sides became unglued and are being held on by electical tape. the adapter was seperating from the transformer and so went more tape.

General Comments

good for directing into a multi-tracker into some earphones to keep from waking my wife at 3 am. i cut a few "demos" this way; with ME, RG-550,RP-10,DR-5,and MD-4. the 1/2 second delay is really noticable on these demos though. good for a person that has a good distortion amp and needs effects to color it. to me though, the space effects are its only good points soundwise.

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