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Sound Quality

I've owned my HD-1500 (and I bought it used) since 1987. After 20 years it's still working and I have a very different perspective of it now. Back in 1987 I bought it for crystal clear delay repeats. It provides those in x1 multiplier (no multiplication) but this yields only 126ms of delay. The reduction in frequency response at x2 (252ms max) is liveable but I was never happy with the severe frequency response at x4 (504ms max). This was mostly because I already owned a Boss DM-2 analog delay. In this respect the only advantage of the HD-1500 over the analog pedal was that repeats didn't disintegrate so quickly. But 20 years later it's that no-tweak, analog sound with digital integrity of repeats that makes the HD-1500 a somewhat unique delay. The chorus sounds can be nice and thick, but I've certainly heard better. And you must be careful to dial back the speed and width controls when changing to longer delay sounds with no modulation. Flange sounds are adequate. The Harmonizer function was always nasty. If you want harsh high octaves, great... this is your harmonizer. But it was pre- intelligent harmonization, so you can only get a set interval between notes. Harmonizing a scale requires different harmonies depending on what note of the scale the harmony is based on. If you want harmonization buy something with intelligent harmonization.


Still working after 20 years with no hiccups. I don't gig with it anymore but I did years ago. That's a tank!


General Comments

I've used the HD-1500 for rock, jazz, acoustic music and more. I think the low price one can get for an HD-1500 makes it a fun piece of gear for techno-heads looking to change parameters on the fly.


I can only say this is a fun piece of equipment for someone who appreciates the sound quality and likes direct access to all parameters of an effects unit. The dry/wet outputs provide some flexibility in processing other effects after the HD-1500, but the faux stereo effect isn't as rich as more modern effect boxes which process left and right separately.


One note: I found the footswitch at a used instrument store but they wanted $50 for it. For several years I'd show up annually (the store was on the opposite side of town) just to see if they'd take a $10 or $20 for it, but no... they insisted on $50. It's either still there or long since thrown out as I gave up asking years ago. The footswitch has three harmonizer presets that are preset on the footswitch. Not a big deal since I really wasn't happy with the harmonizer function anyway.

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