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Sound Quality

This is the greatest sounding chorus pedal I've ever heard. I've tried every brand from Boss to Electro Harmonix, and this little DOD kicked their asses. My settings are Level at 3:00; Speed at 1:00; Delay Time at 1:30; Depth at 2:30.


DOD pedals are not so much of a beauty, but their a tank. I left my dear chorus behind for 8 years or so and it didn't affected it. I found it, cleaned it and it was ready to rock again.

General Comments

Amazing chorus sound. I've played from funk to hard rock blues, including jazz and it's a very versatile piece of pedal. Sounds very bright and every knob is an effect on his own. Explore it and find that this is the greatest chorus ever made. Don't let the price and the low popularity of the brand cheat on you!

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